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Your answer to ADA's #1 issue:  Accessibility


Door-aid is an economical, easy-to-install power door opener which can be activated from either the inside or the outside of the door or both. Door-aid allows physically challenged individuals, the elderly, or anyone laden with packages or children to open a door with just the touch of a button.

The door-aid is designed to achieve five basic but important objectives: safe operation, simple function, easy installation, low maintenance, and durability.


Exterior Use: Door-Aid will open an exterior door automatically, eliminating the force a physically challenged person must exert to open the door, a force which typically exceeds ADA door-pull requirements.

Interior Use: Door-Aid can make interior areas such as rest rooms and doorways accessible even when clearances do not comply with ADA requirements.

On-Demand Operation: Since the actuator arm is not connected to the door, there is no wear and tear on the Door-Aid when the door is opened manually. Door-Aid receives up to 90% less wear than comparable systems.


Quick & Easy Installation:

Door-Aid's simple door frame installation does not require that anything be attached directly to the door. Normal installation time is less than two hours.

Adjustable, maintenance-free motor:

The Door-Aid uses a high-torque electronically controlled DC motor and features quiet cycling with force, speed and timing set during installation.

Universal Application:

Door-Aid offers mounting hardware for offset hinge, center pivot and other types of hinge style doors to ensure installation in virtually any situation. The Door-Aid can be mounted on the left or right side of the door frame, irrespective of which way the door opens. The Door-Aid can be installed to push or pull a door open. The Door-Aid controller can be used to activate more than one door simultaneously.


Wireless, remote-control push pads simplify and reduce the cost of installation by eliminating the need for wiring.


The Door-Aid meets ANSI Code #156.19 for low energy door openers, meets ADA requirements and is UL recognized. The door remains usable in the event of a power outage.

Economical and Heavy Duty Design:

The Door-Aid is a commercial grade unit at a price usually associated with light-duty, less-flexible products.





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